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My media tab

It is used for specifying the settings of the My Media browser.

Option Description

My media folders

Contains the list of folders where the files of your multimedia collection are stored.

New, Edit, Delete

Used for adding, editing and deleting folders respectively in the list of My Media folders.

My Playlist folder

Allows you to specify the folder where you store your playlists.

Use My media menu

Allows you to select between the My Media menu (as it was in the old versions) and the new My Media browser.

Omit empty folders

If this checkbox is selected, Tray Player checks if there are supported multimedia files in each folder and does not show it if there are no such files in it.

Automatically add CD drives

Automatically adds all available CD-ROM drives to My Media tree.

Auto play first enqueued

If the current playlist is empty the moment a file is added to it, the player automatically starts playing this file.

Auto expand selected folder

If this checkbox is selected, the folder is automatically expanded when you click it in the tree.

Auto save playlist changes

If this checkbox is selected, the My Media browser automatically saves all changes you make in playlists. Otherwise, if you want to save changes, you should use the Save button.


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