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Player bar in Windows taskbar

It is used to perform basic playback functions.

Player bar

The Player bar has two modes: normal and minimized. The minimized mode allows you to hide some control items that are rarely used and thus save space taken by the player on the taskbar.

In the normal mode the following items are available:

Item Purpose
 Minimize/restore button Used for switching between the restored and minimized modes
 Time display Displays the playback time for the current track (hidden by default)
 Previous track button Plays the previous track in the current playlist
 Play / Pause button Starts or pauses the playback
 Stop button Stops the playback
 Next track button Plays the next track in the current playlist
 My Media button Depending on the settings, either opens the window of the My Media browser or shows the My Media menu
 Open button Shows the Open dialog box (hidden by default)
 Show player button Shows or hides the Player window

You can use the Player options dialog box to set the visibility of the enumerated items in the normal and minimized modes.

Along with the buttons for controlling the player, the Player bar has a popup menu opened with a right click on it. It contains items allowing you to perform the above operations and also:

Menu item Purpose
Step forward Fast-forwards the current track 5 seconds ahead
Step backward Rewinds the current track 5 seconds back
Volume: Up, Down, Mute Turns the volume up and down and temporarily turns the sound off respectively
Shuffle Enables (disables) the random playback mode
Repeat Enables (disables) the repeat playback mode
Properties Opens the Properties dialog box for the current track
Player options Opens the Player Options dialog box
Work offline Forbids (permits) playing streams and files from the Internet
Close Closes the player


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