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WinAmp Source properties dialog

It is used to configure the WinAmp Source filter.

Option Description
Source plugin When you create or change a rule for building the graph where WinAmp Source is used as a Source filter, you can select the particular WinAmp plug-in that must be used.
Path for WinAmp plug-ins Allows you to see and change, if necessary, the folder the player searches for available WinAmp plug-ins.

By default, it is "{WinAmp root}\Plugins" if you have WinAmp installed on your computer or "{Tray Player root}\WinAmp plugins" if it is not installed.

Plug-in list The list of available plug-ins.

When the player builds the graph for a file, it uses the first plug-in in the list that supports this type of files. If there are several plug-ins you can arrange the list in such a way so that the plug-in you need is used.

Plug-in properties
Plug-in name, file name The name and the file of the selected plug-in respectively.
File types The list of supported file types. You can modify this list manually. The Default button allows you to set the values back to their defaults.
Disabled Allows you to forbid the use of the selected plug-in.
Loading mode Defines the method of loading the selected plug-in. This option makes sense only if there are problems with loading the plug-in. If Exclusive is selected as a loading type for the selected plug-in, no crossfading effects are available when it is used.
Output type Allows you to specify if the selected plug-in needs an external audio renderer. The player itself can detect it in most cases but sometimes you may need to specify it manually.
Configure, About Opens the Configure and About dialog boxes for the selected plug-in respectively.


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