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Tray Player Links

DC-Bass Source Filter

A BASS based DirectShow Audio Decoder that is distributed under the GPL: http://www.dsp-worx.de.
Tray player uses a modified version of this filter. The source code of the modified version can be downloaded here.

Icecast streaming directory

If you want to listen to music, free music, this stream directory is the right place for you. http://dir.xiph.org.

OGG Vorbis

To play OGG Vorbis files (.ogg) you can install OGG Vorbis DirectShow filter on your computer.
You can download this filter from Xiph.Org: http://xiph.org/dshow.

SlyEQ DMO Audio Effect filter

You can download SlyEQ DMO Audio Effect filter from SlyDiman's home page: http://slydiman.narod.ru.
Just unzip files into folder where TrayPlayer was installed and run Register.bat.

WinAmp 2 input plug-ins

To use WinAmp source filter you should install a plug-in appropriate to the file type which you want to play.
You can find a plenty of plug-ins for the most popular multimedia formats on WinAmp.com.
We recommend:
MP3 files and SHOUTcast streams:
MP3 pro files:

THOMSON mp3PRO Decoder

Download: mp3PROAudioDecoder.exe
Homepage: www.mp3prozone.com
Monkey's Audio (APE) files:

Monkey's Audio Player

Homepage: www.monkeysaudio.com
MOD files:

WSP Module Player

Download: here
Homepage: www.onecode.cz/cs/produkty/wsp-module-player
By default WinAmp source filter looks for input plug-ins in "{Tray Player root}\WinAmp plugins" or in "{WinAmp root}\Plugins" if you have WinAmp installed.
Use "WinAmp Source properties" (from "Player options", page "Advanced" or page "Graph") to change default plug-ins directory and other settings.
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